Thursday, February 11, 2010

Programme report : Management Board & Secretarial Workshop 2010

8.00 A.M. – 4.00 P.M.

The objective of this workshop is to make sure all the members of the Management Board 09/10 knows clearly about their role and duties as members of Management Board. This workshop also aims to expose participants the exact way of bookkeeping and explains clearly about job scopes in programs. The bookkeeping consists of working papers, reports on activities, formal letter etc necessary when conducting a program. as this workshop is conducted by the Management Board themselves, the format of the bookkeeping is standardized.

This programme has achieved its objectives as participants have clear knowledge about job scopes when running a programme, and proper way of bookkeeping according to standards. The current Management Board also learnt better management skills. Besides, participants can share with each other their knowledge and experiences thus strengthen the bonds between members of the society.

Although this programme is beneficial to all, it was sadly lacking in attendance. hope this will not happen in the future.

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